Since graduating from the University of Toledo in 2000, Patrick Schaal has combined information technology (IT) and healthcare to forge a career first in New York City, then in Chicago. Mr. Schaal earned a Bachelor’s of Education degree in Recreational Therapy and started out as a consultant therapist with the New York City chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. In 2003, in addition to his work as a consultant, Schaal joined NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital as a Recreational Therapist. At both of these institutions, Mr. Schaal educated patients and healthcare workers on best practices for expanding quality-of-life options for patients with physical and mental rehabilitation needs. Mr. Schaal also established resource centers and conducted training sessions for staff and patients to help with handling day-to-day living tasks. In 2006, while working at the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Mr. Schaal joined Publicis Selling Solutions as a pharmaceutical Sales Representative. He marketed Rozerem and Amitiza and won a President’s Club Award for landing in the company’s top 10 percent in performance and sales goal attainment after improving the regional market share for those drugs.

Patrick Schaal changed gears slightly in early 2007 and became an Account Manager in the Medical Devices Division at Wright Medical Technology, Inc. Schaal used his knowledge of the healthcare, educational, and sales spheres to educate medical practitioners on the proper application of instruments for upper extremities and joints, often overseeing operating room procedures to provide support for staff. Schaal increased his sales territory by connecting distributors and hospital personnel and grew Wright’s Tendon Augmentation Patch Division. The following year, Schaal accepted a position with IT provider EMC as a Healthcare Account Executive, handling all facets of sales, from development to executive-level employees, in the life sciences and healthcare businesses.

After taking an online course in early 2010 from the Health Information and Management Systems Society’s eLearning Academy, which specializes in educating IT professionals within the healthcare industry, Patrick Schaal started working as a Healthcare Strategist with CA Technologies in July of that year. He consulted with customers from Virginia and Maine to Chicago to implement the most efficient and cost-effective IT management solutions. In spring 2011, Schaal assumed responsibility for the Chicago region when he became Enterprise Account Manager of IT for CA Technologies. Patrick Schaal contributes to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and belongs to the New York Rugby Club and Chicago’s Player Sports Group. He also enjoys sailing, discovering new technologies, traveling, and playing soccer.

20th March 2014

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FOX Soccer Exclusive: Julian Green opens up about decision to play for Team USA



Editor’s note: Julian Green spoke to Ole Pongratz on Tuesday in Munich. This interview has been translated from German to English by FOX Soccer’s Thomas Hautmann.

Ole Pongratz: Reports in the United States said you were to be included in the US training camp ahead of the friendly against Mexico but you have said that this isn’t the case — yet. Can you explain?

Julian Green: Yes, Klinsmann wanted to invite me to the game against Mexico but because it is not an official international match, Bayern had to give me the clearance first. That [only] happened on Tuesday.

OP: Jurgen Klinmann has announced that you have chosen the United States and that you have handed in your request for the one-time association switch with FIFA. What can you tell us about that?

JG: Yes, that’s right: I have decided on the USA and I will play for them from here on out.

OP: And why did you choose the USA?

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First solid prospect since …never!

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